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Many thoughtful people are taking a fresh look at good manners, what they are, and how they shape the way we live and our relationships. 

The timeless commandment to love others includes good manners. It’s hard to show love in the trifles when our behavior causes embarrassment, hurts others,   or violates thoughtful etiquette with missteps that land squarely on another person’s toes.  More than ever, we need the beneficial guidance of tried and true social graces for multiple situations…dining etiquette, introductions, conversation to name a few. Changes in some practices occur, but not the basics. Protocol’s  guidelines stem from enduring principles based on respect, kindness, and consideration.

Thank you to my numerous protocol friends who have already joined in this life- changing journey. You’ve made “Protocol Matters” a huge success. Across our continent (and further) your impact on the lives of others is profound! The satisfaction gained by putting “our best foot forward” as well as teaching young people to do the same is delightful.  

This site is for people of ANY age who realize that living and loving well matters, but want to know more. Prescribed wisdom provides invaluable sign posts on our journey.  Feel welcome to join us in making this important & happy adventure part of your life

Simply put, protocol matters.

– Sandra




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