The Author – Sandra Boswell

A note from the author…

The timeless commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves includes the use of good manners…its hard to show “love” , even in life’s trifles, when your behavior hurts others or violates thoughtful etiquette with mis-steps that land squarely on another person’s toes…

You are warmly welcomed to join us as we take a fresh look at matters and manners that shape the way we live and how we treat others.

Much in etiquette develops from showing people respect, kindness, and consideration and applying the principles to  various relationships, actions, and circumstances.  Of course, changes in etiquette can occur, but the basics never do. Tried and true inherited rules provide us with beneficial guidance in how to best show love in the trifles.

This blog is for people of ANY age who realize that living and loving well are expressed by etiquette’s respectful behaviors and considerate actions. The practice of good manners is an effective antidote to selfishness.

Weeding out self-centeredness and cultivating right behavior in favor of a virtuous character are necessary works in the big picture of loving our neighbor. Passing this onto the next generation is imperative. It begins, by Gods grace, in hearts and homes where love in the trifles grow its deepest roots.

How we behave and what we teach our children matters. Blog along with us as we seek to put our best foot forward and discuss the protocol of etiquette’s applications. Your comments, discussion (and questions) are welcomed. They will likely serve as an encouragement to many others.