Monthly Archives: October 2007

Toppling modern king pins

A friend and fellow high school teacher passed along some excellent comments concerning the need for our current generation’s return to common sense and a better regard for truth and propriety. Modernity has lost touch with certain realities, including an understanding of “solempne”. (If your Latin is rusty–or non-existent–you’ll appreciate discovering Continue reading

“No Boxed Gifts”

Question ST: I have been invited to an Indian wedding and on the invitation they list “no boxed gifts”. Please explain what this could mean (are they specifically requesting money, or no gifts, or only gifts that are not wrapped?) I have never seen that before. It is being held at a hotel, and I hope to think it isn’t because of terrorism, but I suppose you never Continue reading

Monetary wedding gifts

 Question from Michelle G.  “Is there a guideline for the amount of money to give as a wedding gift?”Answer: Dear Michelle Wedding presents (of any kind) are tokens of esteem and affection meant to help the couple and wish them well in their new life together. Neither the bride, the groom, nor their families should request money be Continue reading