Monthly Archives: November 2007

Good Words

Do you know how powerful your words are? Words have great effect in two directions –they can build up or tear down.  Fitly spoken words possess the power to build up when dispensed in truth with sincerity. The key is speaking truthful words with sincerity, which rules out phoney flattery. Such words make a difference to others in our lives as Janet Lawrence tells us in this excerpt, reprinted with her kind permission. Continue reading

Here’s Kama: Birthday Book Exchange & Party Manners

The book exchange idea started with a discussion and a concern. One of my sons, with a concern about “too many presents” during the holiday season and her birthday, and yet with the desire to provide a memorable celebration of our youngest Continue reading

Divine Simplicities: Expressing Thanks

When busy parents ignore or neglect small matters in the protocol habits of their children, the effects can be profoundly negative. The giving thanks is one of those small, even seemingly insignificant items; yet this easy practice CANNOT be overlooked without awful consequences–grabbing included. Thank you to Jennifer from Washington for her question Continue reading