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Merry Christmas

Happy New Year

  Thinking of making  new year resolutions?”Conviction is worthless unless it is converted into conduct.”– Thomas Carlyle, Scottish historian and author (1795-1881).

May your 2008 overflow with worthy and virtuous conduct.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Cell Phones. WWJD

Everyone appreciates the convenience of cell phones. Yet we’ve all been subject to sudden interruptions and personal conversations not intended for us by people in public places with cell phones permanently attached to their ears? But something else problematic exists…

Don’t be deceived by the glibness of the title–this post relates a serious side of technology misuse that many people overlook.  It isn’t speaking of driving distractions or health issues, but something more subtly harmful to our humanity. It also reminds us why cell phone etiquette is important. Thanks to Charlie Wingard for sharing this Dallas News article by Ken Myers.  Click here to read his column.    In addition: Below you’ll find a list of basic cell phone etiquette that should be included in everyone’s good manners: Continue reading

Across the Big Pond interviews

You are cordially invited to listen in for the United Kingdom’s Transworld Broadcasting System program, when I discuss Protocol Matters with Mr. Brent Siddall on December 13 at 9:00 A.M. GMT.  Hope you can join me.

Also of noteworthy interest, Mr. Siddall will be interviewing Douglas Wilson on Dec. 12 at 9:00 A.M. If you haven’t had a chance to hear Mr. Wilson

speak, tune in–he is always well informed and his discussions, lively and pertinent for living faithfully in ways that may surprise and challenge you.

Other interesting inteviews conducted by Mr. Siddall are online via the TWR’s address below. If you are unable to listen in on the podcast date, the interviews will be available afterwards for a few weeks listed under past programs.

You may click here for a convenient link….

P. S. September 2009–Sorry, this link is now expired. I  don’t have a copy of this interview but the book, Protocol Matters, is now available through Great Britian’s Amazon source.


Wedding receptions: Who greets whom?

 Dear Frances from New Jersey.   Receptions are times that frequently give us practice in excercising broad social graces, including forbearance, because protocol oversights do happen. They are likely unintentional. Wedding complexities can overwhelm the best of us, especially dreamy eyed brides and nervous grooms. And, should the Continue reading

Holiday tips when there are mice in your boots

 I remember how very busy and challenging the B.C. holidays were in my early years of new motherhood so this post is for you young moms and dads who may face some similar obstacles.  We laugh Continue reading