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By the Way Tip for Knitters

This is a side note for PM’s knitting friends. I’m enjoying the summer days with my daughter-in-law who just received a beautiful pattern book from her sister in Scotland. I think you might like it, too. Lovely and fresh, it’s titled Summer Breeze, featuring luxury cotton DK and Bamboo soft creations by Martin Storey from Rowan Classic.

And, speaking of knitting: Thomas Watson reminds us in The Godly Man’s Picture that “The best way to discern grace in oneself is to love grace in others. ‘We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren.’ (I John 3:14). What is religion but religation–a knitting together of hearts? Faith knits us to God and love knits us to one another.” …So, knit away and do so faithfully, consistently and beautifully.  I appreciate how etiquette helps each one of us do this in practical ways. Protocol matters.

Happy 4th of July from the fireworks of history


As our family prepares for a 4th of July barbecue we are grateful for time off,  time together, good friends, good food, and good weather.   For us, the fourth is a fun celebration with lots of fireworks capping off the day. We are happy and blessed by these things and I suspect you are too.

The holidays, like other oft repeated things in life, however, are easy to take for granted…such lacadaisical assumptons stand on the opposite end of thanksgiving. A nonchalant outlook eventually leads to a sense of entitlement, which is never good for our souls, so that’s one reason I enjoy learning about history. A backward glance, has a way of correcting short sightedness. It refreshes my sense of gratitude. History reminds all of us about God’s kind faithfulness when people mind their manners –the behavior He prescribes–and these are things I need to know. Continue reading

A New Look for Protocol Matters

Welcome to Protocol Matter’s new look … photos and a few cool additions are still to come, but thanks to Carl from Adonai Media, Inc., we are up and going again.

I think you’ll like the new tags and categories, which make it easier to locate specific topics and scout out the vast terrain of etiquette discussed in the posts, comments and questions. I appreciate all this technology! (Still working, however,  on moving posts into proper categories).

Thank you visitors and friends for your significant contribution and interest in good manners.  Your practice of etiquette shines like a light. It breaks up cultural currents of selfishness and rudeness. This means you bring refreshing considerate order into every life you touch — especially the children around you. Protocol Matters!