Monthly Archives: August 2009

A Stitch in Time

The saying “Good manners are the stitches that hold the fabric of society together” also applies to the home front. Happy households are safe places where individual actions and words build up others, rather than tear down. Continue reading

Seaside nostalgia


A little side (as in sea) note…for those who love the beach, the water, the smell of the ocean…and seashells. If you wish for summer’s continued sampling of the seaside in the coziness of your home you will like “Splendor at the Shore” under the Favorite Things section in Victoria’s July/August Bliss issue. I picked up this magazine at the newstand because of this winsome article and for their coverage of the Herb Farm. The entire issue sparkles with a seashore theme. Continue reading

Design a Table

8-19-2009-place_setting_colorful_bd08383_Hard to realize its planning time again for the new school year. I will soon post some details about one of my favorite assignments where we combine art and protocol lessons.  Its fun, creative, and introduces students to proper table settings as well as good design principles. Give me another week and I’ll share some past project photos (hopefully). You will find the table top ideas and assignment suggestions helpful for the teenagers in your protocol matters…it may rekindle the creative spark in your dining room, too. A theme table adds zest to any party. Continue reading

Not Ignoring Your Comments

Dear PM Friends

Ever notice how, in the real world, nothing in life is a “slam dunk”?…And, so it is with our new site format, which for some reason doesn’t allow me to respond to your comments . Please know that I appreciate each of you who have taken time to email and make comments. I send my thanks via this post and hope to respond to each comment in kind as soon as possible.

My web master and I continue to work out the glitches. I also hope to have the photos online again soon. I’m learning tons of interesting things! Thanks for your forbearance and continued interest. We live in a wonderful era and I appreciate your crossing cyber space to visit the important issue of protocol matters with me.

I hope you are having a wonderful summer and, of course, putting your best foot forward…in your favorite sandals.

The Easy Fight & Hard Life of High Standards

Understanding the importance of instilling good behavior patterns in children is vital if you want happy well behaved kids. A true road map exists, but some parents simply don’t know how to read, believe, or follow it;  others think they can take short cuts; and some, with good intentions, do not have a clue where to find these reliable directions for bringing up polite civilized children. The road map however, exists (and endures) with true and high principles for rearing well behaved children. Continue reading