Can I do my own birthday party?

j0336569_happy_birthdayQuestion: Could you address the topic of throwing a party on the occasion of one’s own birthday? Are there guidelines for doing so graciously, or is the entire concept just tacky? Continue reading

Showers and gift cards?

1-24-2009-gift_box_w_pk_ribbonQuestion: We are throwing a bridal shower for a young lady in our Bible study. She is moving right after the shower to her fiancé’s hometown and won’t be back until the wedding, which will take place here, her hometown. She and her fiancé are trying to limit the things she has to move. It has been suggested that a gift card shower be given rather than actual gifts. Call me old fashioned, but this seems so impersonal. Is this new method of showering a bride proper protocol? Do you have any suggestions for making this more personal if we have a gift card shower? Your advice would be greatly appreciated. And feel free to edit this message to make it more understandable. Sincerely, Renee Continue reading

Bridal registry & gift protocol

Question: We have many friends from out of town who will not be able to attend my daughter’s wedding or her bridal shower. The groom’s family is also out of state. Yet these families would like to send a gift. What is the best way to inform them where the bride and groom are registered? I know it is not appropriate to put gift registry information on the wedding invitation. How do we get the word out without giving the impression that the couple expects a gift? Thank you for your advice.

Answer: It helps to know that if an invited guest would like to send a gift it is the guest’s prerogative to inquire about a bridal registry. The initiative for information and gift giving belongs to the guests; not to the bridal couple or parents. Continue reading