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Happy 4th of July from the fireworks of history

As our family prepares for a 4th of July barbecue we are grateful for time off,  time together, good friends, good food, and good weather.   For us, the fourth is a fun celebration with lots of fireworks capping off the day. We are happy and blessed by these things and I suspect you are too….

Incomplete Thanksgiving Expressions

I’m sending Thanksgiving thoughts across the miles while visiting another state. As we pause in our busy schedule to celebrate this special holiday, the words ‘Happy Thanksgiving” are popping up everywhere–on napkins, the news, banners, signs, ads, in songs-and even on tee-shirts.   While a nice phrase, I can’t help but think of the incompleteness of…

Merry Christmas

Protocol Matters Cultivating Good Character and Manners in Christian Homes and Schools