Not Ignoring Your Comments

Dear PM Friends

Ever notice how, in the real world, nothing in life is a “slam dunk”?…And, so it is with our new site format, which for some reason doesn’t allow me to respond to your comments . Please know that I appreciate each of you who have taken time to email and make comments. I send my thanks via this post and hope to respond to each comment in kind as soon as possible.

My web master and I continue to work out the glitches. I also hope to have the photos online again soon. I’m learning tons of interesting things! Thanks for your forbearance and continued interest. We live in a wonderful era and I appreciate your crossing cyber space to visit the important issue of protocol matters with me.

I hope you are having a wonderful summer and, of course, putting your best foot forward…in your favorite sandals.

By the Way Tip for Knitters

This is a side note for PM’s knitting friends. I’m enjoying the summer days with my daughter-in-law who just received a beautiful pattern book from her sister in Scotland. I think you might like it, too. Lovely and fresh, it’s titled Summer Breeze, featuring luxury cotton DK and Bamboo soft creations by Martin Storey from Rowan Classic.

And, speaking of knitting: Thomas Watson reminds us in The Godly Man’s Picture that “The best way to discern grace in oneself is to love grace in others. ‘We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren.’ (I John 3:14). What is religion but religation–a knitting together of hearts? Faith knits us to God and love knits us to one another.” …So, knit away and do so faithfully, consistently and beautifully.  I appreciate how etiquette helps each one of us do this in practical ways. Protocol matters.

Weddings and uninvited children

    A mother from Washington shares the following concern with a question about wedding budgets and uninvited children:Question: My daughter is getting married in October. The ceremony will be an “open invitation” to all of our friends and their children. However, due to size, venue, and cost the reception is only for specific adults and Continue reading

Where to find trustworthy book reviews?

Here’s a good questionfrom a mother who takes her parenting responsibilities seriously. She knows that what goes into a young mind has influence beyond the Continue reading

Miss, Mrs. and Ms.

 Mmmmm-for those wondering about all those “M” titles, here’s a quick overview –

“Ms.” is a respectful generic designation when a lady’s marital status is either unknown or irrelevant when addressing or writing to her. We shouldn’t forget “Madam”, which is a polite French expression used by many English speaking people for “my lady”.  A shorter version ,”Ma’am”, originally meant the mistress of a house but now represents any Continue reading

Those Marrying “I-Do-s”

Some of my younger single friends, high school and college graduates, with whom I’ve visited lately, are considering marriage, which to them seems a most exciting, albeit normal, next step in their life’s progression. They’ve received fine educations, have good parental examples, and are capable young adults, yet for their new roles as husbands and wives, some say that they still feel Continue reading

On the Road to a Happy Marriage

Bridal showers are fitting times for the “older women” (in this case a future mother-in-law) to share some words of wisdom for a happy marriage from her treasury of experience. Following are the wise  words shared by Natali’s future mom-in-law, Sheryl, a delightful lady with wit and Continue reading

Question: Do groom’s parents pay for their invited guest’s room?

Protocol matters received a question not often discussed in wedding etiquette books. The questioner wondered “if the parents of the groom are expected to cover hotel costs for out of town guests that they invite?“.  This is a good question because misunderstandings and confusion over a wedding’s financial obligations certainly add stress and can even spoil the occasion.   Continue reading

Matters of New Life in Troubles, Jail, and Beyond

  Behold! I make all things new! Revelations 21:5.Today I write with tears–mixed with joy and sadness. Warm tears of joy because the Lord makes all things new–something so necessaryfor each of us and wonderful to see.But also with tears of sadness for the hurting hearts in our Continue reading

Manners from the Home Maintainance Toolbox

 From the manners toolbox: Quiet speaks loudest Have you considered how noise impacts your home and your relationships? And how it relates to manners?A glance through Strong’s Concordance Continue reading

Happy New Year

  Thinking of making  new year resolutions?”Conviction is worthless unless it is converted into conduct.”- Thomas Carlyle, Scottish historian and author (1795-1881).

May your 2008 overflow with worthy and virtuous conduct.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Cell Phones. WWJD

Everyone appreciates the convenience of cell phones. Yet we’ve all been subject to sudden interruptions and personal conversations not intended for us by people in public places with cell phones permanently attached to their ears? But something else problematic exists…

Don’t be deceived by the glibness of the title–this post relates a serious side of technology misuse that many people overlook.  It isn’t speaking of driving distractions or health issues, but something more subtly harmful to our humanity. It also reminds us why cell phone etiquette is important. Thanks to Charlie Wingard for sharing this Dallas News article by Ken Myers.  Click here to read his column.    In addition: Below you’ll find a list of basic cell phone etiquette that should be included in everyone’s good manners: Continue reading

Across the Big Pond interviews

You are cordially invited to listen in for the United Kingdom’s Transworld Broadcasting System program, when I discuss Protocol Matters with Mr. Brent Siddall on December 13 at 9:00 A.M. GMT.  Hope you can join me.

Also of noteworthy interest, Mr. Siddall will be interviewing Douglas Wilson on Dec. 12 at 9:00 A.M. If you haven’t had a chance to hear Mr. Wilson

speak, tune in–he is always well informed and his discussions, lively and pertinent for living faithfully in ways that may surprise and challenge you.

Other interesting inteviews conducted by Mr. Siddall are online via the TWR’s address below. If you are unable to listen in on the podcast date, the interviews will be available afterwards for a few weeks listed under past programs.

You may click here for a convenient link….

P. S. September 2009–Sorry, this link is now expired. I  don’t have a copy of this interview but the book, Protocol Matters, is now available through Great Britian’s Amazon source.


Holiday tips when there are mice in your boots

 I remember how very busy and challenging the B.C. holidays were in my early years of new motherhood so this post is for you young moms and dads who may face some similar obstacles.  We laugh Continue reading

Good Words

Do you know how powerful your words are? Words have great effect in two directions –they can build up or tear down.  Fitly spoken words possess the power to build up when dispensed in truth with sincerity. The key is speaking truthful words with sincerity, which rules out phoney flattery. Such words make a difference to others in our lives as Janet Lawrence tells us in this excerpt, reprinted with her kind permission. Continue reading

Here’s Kama: Birthday Book Exchange & Party Manners

The book exchange idea started with a discussion and a concern. One of my sons, with a concern about “too many presents” during the holiday season and her birthday, and yet with the desire to provide a memorable celebration of our youngest Continue reading

Divine Simplicities: Expressing Thanks

When busy parents ignore or neglect small matters in the protocol habits of their children, the effects can be profoundly negative. The giving thanks is one of those small, even seemingly insignificant items; yet this easy practice CANNOT be overlooked without awful consequences–grabbing included. Thank you to Jennifer from Washington for her question Continue reading

Toppling modern king pins

A friend and fellow high school teacher passed along some excellent comments concerning the need for our current generation’s return to common sense and a better regard for truth and propriety. Modernity has lost touch with certain realities, including an understanding of “solempne”. (If your Latin is rusty–or non-existent–you’ll appreciate discovering Continue reading

Programs for Church Youth Groups

This question comes from TS in Michigan:

Question: Dear Sandra, I have just finished and enjoyed tremendously your book Protocol Matters. Thank you for writing it. On the back of the book, mention is made of your prior work with church groups and youth programs. Have you ever implemented a protocol training program such as the one described in your book in a youth Continue reading

Men in hats

I received the following question and am posting my answer regarding the dress codes for men and hats. I hope the answer gives you a deeper understanding of why this is an important question.

Question: “Sandra, In this modern day and age is it ok yet for younger men to wear their hats inside of buildings? Are there some buildings that are ok while others are not?” Brad F. from Washington Continue reading

Good Words

Do you know how powerful your words are? Words have great effect in two directions –they can build up or tear down.  Fitly spoken words possess the power to build up when dispensed in truth with sincerity. The key is speaking truthful words with sincerity, which rules out phoney flattery. Such words make a difference to others in our lives as Janet Lawrence tells us in this excerpt, reprinted with her kind permission. Continue reading

Quiet Your Doubts

Is this a time of doubt, suffering, or hurt in your life? Do you or your loved ones have serious problems and questions about the Christian faith because of some hard circumstances? So did former atheist, Lee Strobel, when he set out to examine tough intellectual objections to Christianity, especially the questions of suffering and how can a “good God do or allow bad things Continue reading


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