Can I do my own birthday party?

j0336569_happy_birthdayQuestion: Could you address the topic of throwing a party on the occasion of one’s own birthday? Are there guidelines for doing so graciously, or is the entire concept just tacky? Continue reading

Engagement Party Question

1-25-2009-heart_engagement_j0173999Question about engagement party etiquette. “We were just invited to an engagement party, and I’m completely unfamiliar with the concept. What is proper etiquette for an engagement party? Is it simply an opportunity to meet the bride and to congratulate the groom who’s been off at school for many years and just graduated from med school and lives far, far away? Simply a time to socialize with all the family and friends back in town? I’m anxious about whether a gift is proper. I hate to appear at a party empty-handed. Thanks!” Mindy Continue reading