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Worry and anxiety are enemies of happiness and joyWorry and anxiety are enemies of happiness and joy. These invisible robbers destroy our peace of mind and dilute our sense of contentment and satisfaction, which are essential to happiness. Three tools –or weapons,if you prefer– against these very real enemies are the practices of trusting God, thankfulness, and proper management of our thought life. Of course, situations exist that warrant concern and, whether big or little, those we must immediately bring to God in prayer.  Jesus tells us to cast our burdens on Him, but some people choose the  downhill routine of “why pray when we can worry”. Worry leads to anxiety, which leads to fear. This can result in “panic attacks” that interfere with contented living. Not good stuff for God’s people. Trust God to work all things for your good. He’s indescribably brillant and able.
Secondly, practice giving thanks in everything. Even when you don’t feel like doing so. Complaints often oppose thanksgiving. They express discontent. Complaining becomes habitiual. I think Chrisitans need to help each other recognize when complaints start to dominate the conversation. This takes some wisdom, but I think most PM friends are up to the task in a wise and polite way. Further, our daily manners should include saying “thank you” at every opportunity. Some years ago, Francis Hunter wrote a small book called “Praise the Lord Anyway” which captures this idea and shares her life experiences in learning the lessons of thankfulness. I like her joy and humor. If you struggle with seeing the glass half empty rather than half full practice expressing thanks and button your lip about complaints.

Thirdly, bring your thoughts into right order. This isn’t always easy but it is possible with the Holy Spirit’s power. It’s called “overcoming”. I love that expression….step right over and out of it. Overcome it. Our women’s group is currently reading Overcoming Fear, Worry, and Anxiety by Elyse Fitzpatrick. If you struggle with fear, worry, or anxiety get her little book. It’s quick reading and you will appreciate her practical strategies that help replace worry with joy. The protocol of Who you trust in prayer, your good manner of thanksgiving, and overcoming wrong thoughts make a difference in your happiness. May joy be yours as you overcome the enemies of your soul’s well being. By the way, thank you for taking time to visit this site. Your practice and support of protocol matters!

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