Double Duty Discovery: Expository Writing Assignment Using Protocol Matters

Dear Ms. Deb… I’m happy you chose Protocol Matters for your students’ expository assignment. How thoughtful of you to keep me in the loop with your email. Thank you!  Other than keeping me on my toes, (which is a welcome exercise) you are certainly no trouble.

I think your students will discover PM’s online content beneficial. I’m sharing your assignment’s criteria. I think some of PM’s friends will be inspired likewise by your good questions.

What characteristics make this essay expository?  Identify the type of organization used todevelop the essay: topic, time order, space order or informative process. Why do you think the author choose that type of organization for his/hers essay? What organizational choice makes it effective? What effect might have achieved another type of organization or another type of expository essay? What ways are essays alike and the ways they are different?? Explain the answers?

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