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Question: Does anyone do a protocol retreat? We watched Princes Diaries and it got me thinking we ladies could use similar coaching. It would be so fun! Better than a quilt retreat or a Harley convention!

Answer: I agree, a retreat is a great idea!–and have considered that possibility but my current schedule is jammed packed. (I have a great spot in mind for such a future gathering).  While there are various classes and seminars on etiquette in most areas, I don’t know of many “retreats”.
The nice thing about a retreat is that it provides a time of total focus, good interaction, hands on coaching in a mini “get-away”. Thus a retreat is often a “treat” and an educational respite adding new skills and refreshment amid our busy days.

Maybe one of our protocol friends has a suggestion for a worthwhile retreat…In the meantime, classes are available via The Emily Post group and  the Washington DC School of Protocol.

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      Thanks for straitng the ball rolling with this insight.

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      When I arrived half any hour early ( I drove 2 1/2 hours), for a quilt retreat, the parking lot was full and participants set up and sewing. The quilt retreat host had participated in a quilt show in this town and several retreat participant came to the quilt show. The quilt host offered to open the doors to them early for the retreat the next day. I was one of about six who came to a room full of quilters who got in prior to set time. I was then asked to move where I was about to set up so friends could sit in close proximity to each other at the tables of 4. Being accommodating I did move but the seat offered was by the sliding door with afternoon 90 degree heat shining through. I thought this was a disaster..

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