Thanks to Mrs. True for her recent Question and Comment–

Question: Does anyone do a protocol retreat? We watched Princes Diaries and it got me thinking we ladies could use similar coaching. It would be so fun! Better than a quilt retreat or a Harley convention!

Answer: I agree, a retreat is a great idea!–and have considered that possibility but my current schedule is jammed packed. (I have a great spot in mind for such a future gathering).  While there are various classes and seminars on etiquette in most areas, I don’t know of many “retreats”.
The nice thing about a retreat is that it provides a time of total focus, good interaction, hands on coaching in a mini “get-away”. Thus a retreat is often a “treat” and an educational respite adding new skills and refreshment amid our busy days.

Maybe one of our protocol friends has a suggestion for a worthwhile retreat…In the meantime, classes are available via The Emily Post group and  the Washington DC School of Protocol.

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