Protocol ideas for a grand finale

Interested in teaching your teenagers some valuable social skills based on respect for others and topping it off with a special evening out? 4-24-2009-group_soph_dscf2072_jr_concert_04_2008Here’s something you might consider. A grand finale time allows our young people to practice what they learned in protocol classes as well as have a great social event.

For one of our recent junior protocol training sessions we concluded classes with dinner in a local bistro that had lots of candlelight atmosphere.

The evening’s dress code was “dressy” (but not semi-formal). Young men wore sports jackets and ties, with dress shirts and dark slacks.

The young ladies wore colorful party attire; not overdone but flattering, modest, and special for this fun night out. After our five course dinner we attended On Broadway, a “sparkling revue of show stopping moments” produced by Matt Davenport with the Live On Stage Cast. The students loved the show and I did too. Its hard to beat live entertainment that’s well done and suitable for all ages.

If you are searching for an appropriate and cleanly presented show check out Mr. Davenports’ company schedule as they tour the country. In 2006 his production company entered into a multi-year agreement with the Hersey Entertainment Corporation in Pennsylvania to produce six shows.

The show we saw was fun, affordable, and fast paced….just right for our protocol group because it wasn’t too formal or stuffy.

You’ll find more info and photos at I think you’ll enjoy his productions.


Almost curtain time for On Broadway














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