Weddings and uninvited children

    A mother from Washington shares the following concern with a question about wedding budgets and uninvited children:Question: My daughter is getting married in October. The ceremony will be an “open invitation” to all of our friends and their children. However, due to size, venue, and cost the reception is only for specific adults and Continue reading

Question: Do groom’s parents pay for their invited guest’s room?

Protocol matters received a question not often discussed in wedding etiquette books. The questioner wondered “if the parents of the groom are expected to cover hotel costs for out of town guests that they invite?“.  This is a good question because misunderstandings and confusion over a wedding’s financial obligations certainly add stress and can even spoil the occasion.   Continue reading

Etiquette for Wedding Guests

Weddings abound year around, and especially so in summer, when gardens provide settings that flourish with color and fragrance befitting young love.    These are times when we, as guests, do not want to embarrass ourselves or frustrate the wedding party by our social failures in proper behavior or lack of good manners. Worse yet, would be to spoil, burden, or distract from this meaningful event by our unintentionally rude or inconsiderate actions. Continue reading