Weddings and uninvited children

    A mother from Washington shares the following concern with a question about wedding budgets and uninvited children:Question: My daughter is getting married in October. The ceremony will be an “open invitation” to all of our friends and their children. However, due to size, venue, and cost the reception is only for specific adults and Continue reading

Wedding receptions: Who greets whom?

 Dear Frances from New Jersey.   Receptions are times that frequently give us practice in excercising broad social graces, including forbearance, because protocol oversights do happen. They are likely unintentional. Wedding complexities can overwhelm the best of us, especially dreamy eyed brides and nervous grooms. And, should the Continue reading

Monetary wedding gifts

 Question from Michelle G.  “Is there a guideline for the amount of money to give as a wedding gift?”Answer: Dear Michelle Wedding presents (of any kind) are tokens of esteem and affection meant to help the couple and wish them well in their new life together. Neither the bride, the groom, nor their families should request money be Continue reading