The Author

Sandra Boswell

First, welcome– glad you’re here!  Be sure to lay stereotypes aside. Cultivating right manners and virtuous character , which is never a stuffy or arrogant endeavor, are necessary works that refine and define in very good ways. They begin, by God’s grace, in hearts and homes where love in the trifles grow the deepest roots. So please join us–take a fresh look at matters–and manners– that affect how we live.

This blog is for people of ANY age who realize that living and loving well are tied together by faithful actions.– (“Well”is defined, not in the sense of a rigid formal style dependent on possessions or perfection, but used to describe a joyful graciousness that pursues goodness, truth, and beauty in relationships and the everyday course of life). God’s masterplan includes essential guidelines for happy living, and in ways that reflect His Character.What we do and teach our children matters. Feel welcome to blog along as we put our best foot forward.

Many want to do this, but aren’t sure where to begin, how or what to do. This is reflected in my book’s warm reception by so many of you.It’s been my pleasure to map out meaningful etiquette by which children (and we adults) can better learn how to act and speak. This ability doesn’t appear magically–it is learned!


Sandra’s background includes many years as a protocol teacher, program director, and speaker for various groups. Teaching correct etiquette practices as necessary for strong character development and an aid to faithful living  has been a crucial part of  her Christian education instruction.

The author’s first introduction into the world of good manners and aesthetics via family, the influence of John Robert Powers in California, and later, the Amy Vanderbilt and Image of Loveliness programs.

Studies in design and art produced a BA in Fine Arts. She taught protocol at Logos School, a leader for the nation’s Classical Christian Schools, which re-enforced her persuasions. The book, Protocol Matters, Cultivating Social Graces in Christian Homes and Schools resulted. It provides helpful tips and standards by which parents and teachers can pass along a rich heritage of meaningful social graces to future generations.

Sandra established an Arts and Protocol School program in the Pacific Northwest where she currently resides with her husband of forty-seven years. They have three sons, a lovely daughter-in-law, and four delightful grandchildren.
Your comments (and questions) are welcome and will likely serve as an encouragement to many others–some of whom are just beginning to realize the importance of these things and are anxious to make up for lost time.