The Book

Ignorance of protocol is certainly not bliss. The driving force behind good manners contains proven wisdom that facilitates growing in grace. Something we all need no matter what our age. Passing this onto the next generation is imperative.

With details that bring personal and family life to a new level, Sandra shows us how we can learn from  rich traditions and divine resources for contemporary applications. She provides a roadmap in good and Godly manners for a variety of situations.

A new generation is awaking to the fact that protocol is more than a mere social education–its character and behavior training with personal benefits & cultural ramifications.The first ramification occurs in a home with its improved atmosphere and orderly conduct.

Every person’s zest for life is enriched by the practice of tried and true good manners and yours will be also. Young or old, growing in grace and in community means how we act, live, and what we teach our children matters. The book, Protocol Matters, is available through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Canon Press.