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Lighten the Load: Mannerly Songs for the Children in your Life

music_notes_j0438700Looking for fun and effective ways, with sparkle, to teach your little ones about manners? Don’t forget to sing together. The right kind of music lifts the soul and fills the heart with gladness. Good stuff for all of us!

While many realize this, I see some very tired adults lately, struggling valiantly to educate their children and I don’t want manners training to be rejected because the instructional load seems too heavy. It shouldn’t be burdensome, but joyful. So here’s some encouragment for you, and its bound to ease the load while pointing  your kids in the right directions.

The link below has a great selection of catchy songs in rhyme about manners, set  to easy well known tunes. Like my parents, and grandparents before me, singing together was a frequent past time….especially in the kitchen, the car and before bed.  And, now with my grandchildren, we sing upbeat songs with good messages–from folk songs, hymns, to favorite pop tunes–not always on key, or with perfect pitch, but always with much gusto and joy. Some of these little tunes from the link below will be added to our list….

….Such a merry way to help our toddlers, preschoolers, and younger children learn and remember what to do at the table, on the play field, when they spill something, burp, and more. I have several favorites from this link’s list, but “Manners”, to the tune of “I’m a little teapot”, and  “Friends”  sung to “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” are ringing in my glad ears today.

smile_face_music_j0437992 click on:  Songs about manners for children

Don’t let the rigors of instructional duties wear you out. Keep your sense of joy. Employ good cheer as your servant by singing and teaching uplifting songs to your children. Music adds joyful sparkle to your important instructional endeavors. A merry heart does good, like a medicine. Our children love singing happy songs and learning about protocol matters!